In Memory of September 18th

On the morning of September 18th, our kindergarten held various activities in memory of this special day to look back on history and learn from history.

On that day, our children watched a documentary film on that humiliating part of Chinese history; the teachers told stories of Chinese fight against the Japanese invasion. The children were motivated by the resilience of the unbreakable spirit of China and inspired with a deep love for our country and our people; the teachers showed our national flag to the children, explained the origins of its design and guided our children to make national flags ourselves. We taught our children to respect those who gave their lives to the country, to value the peace and happiness of life they enjoy, and to study hard for the future of China; we listened to the sounding of air strike alarm in memory of that event as a reminder for us to strengthen our country!

These activities brought us back to history, inspired us with a deep love for China and planted a seed of service to the country in our heart.