On a bright sunny day, our beautiful campus receives some special guests—the local government officials as well as some out-performing students from Dehong and Luquan. Since its establishment, First Decision School has produced many outstanding students, who demonstrate excellent progress in their comprehensive development. This year our Middle School Education Department is started with great support from many local government authorities. We hope our endeavor will bring more happiness and progress into the society and into the lives of our students and parents. The Board of First Decision has decided to provide scholarships on an annual basis to ten students who are outstanding both in academic progress and personal character. First Decision provides the fund to those children who have shown extraordinary resilience and grit and who have consistently put in more hard work and achieved better results so that they can have better opportunities in education. We hope to light up their skies and pave a way to future success for these kids. We do not want to provide food and shelter for those needed just to alleviate their needs for the short term, rather we hope to provide means for them to make a real difference in their lives. The smiles full of hope on the faces of the children and the faith of the parents in the future of their kids are the best reward for us. The commitment of First Decision to giving back to the society and honoring our social responsibilities is a vision shared by all members of our staff. We are very proud that we have this team to build our dreams hand in hand!

First Decision hopes that our scholarships will draw more attention and assistance to those students who are economically restrained so that they can achieve their full potentials in academic progress. I am convinced that those recipients of First Decision Scholarships will worker harder with higher ambitions. When they complete their education, they will make a difference in the lives of themselves and those around them. We hope these students will be firm in their beliefs, consistent in their pursuance of self-improvement and grateful in their heart to give back to the society. We sincerely hope that through concerted efforts, more and more students will change their lives by means of better education.